Shoot out Dade County Sentinel, Trenton, GA. Friday Oct. 23, 1908


Higdon, Ala. Oct. 18, 1908: This afternoon about sundown one of the bloodiest affairs ever know in this section was enacted. Frank Whitzell and the Lore family had had trouble about Whitzell’s hogs interfering with Lore’s cornfield.  Whitzell, this afternoon, went over to see the Lore family in regard to an adjustment of the difficulty, the Lore’s claiming damages, some words passed between Whitzell and Mrs. Lore after which Whitzell went back home, about a quarter of a mile distant, for his gun. Returning to the Lore household Whitzell was ordered to halt by old man Lore, which he did. Both sides commenced firing with pistol and shotguns. Both Lore and Whitzell’s wives stood in the thickest of the battle, part of the time, between the antigonists, manifesting remarkable nerve and bravery. After Whitzell was shot down with his body pierced with a dozen shot gun and pistol wounds his brave wife, who was by his side, ordered old man Lore away saying, “You done killed him”, when the smoke of the conflict had cleared away Whitzell lay seriously wounded with wounds thought to be fatal. Mrs. Lore had received two bullet wounds.

Dr. Brock, of Trenton, and Edwards, of Rising Fawn were sent for. Dr. Brock dressed the wounds again the next day. This deplorable affair……(unreadable)…………

No arrests were made.

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