Bob Dombrowski Biography

Bob Dombrowski

Bob Dombrowski

Bob Dombrowski relocated to Dade County in 2003, from New York City. In response to the beauty of the sylvan county, he became involved in the development of a pubic art presence as a significant aspect of the county’s charm. His focus remained on the county seat, Trenton. Within a year he formed the Trenton Arts Council and was himself commissioned to create a large stone carving – “Totemic Raven”. He initiated the development of the Town Creek Trail through the center of the city. Much of his professional life has been involved with public installations and performances. In NYC, he worked through galleries like Franklin Furnace, the Kitchen, as well as other, more fleeting, performance venues. Simultaneously, he began publishing small books of drawings and poetry that were freely distributed. Many of his books are archived at Poet’s House and Printed Matter, both in NYC. Several of his earlier silkscreened books are archived in the Museum of Modern Art. Since 1976, carved stone has been an aspect of his work. Since relocating to an area that abounds with both space and stone his focus has centered on landscape carved stones.

  1. dorah rosen

    Bob is one of my favorite artists, i have known his work since the early 80’s and own a suite of drawings plus copies of many of his books. I also remember his street light work in Manhattan, done in cooperation with NYC. After being an admirer of his art- visual, aural and literary- for some years, i was able to bring him to my then home of Birmingham Alabama for an artist in residency that included a reading and making molds for sculpture at a local arts studio, Alabama Art Casting (now defunct). Now that i’ve relocated to Santa Cruz CA, i hope to be able to work with local arts groups to bring him and his partner Mary Petruska to the area for a residency here.
    Bob and Mary have thrown themselves into the thriving arts scene of the Chattanooga/Trenton/Rising Fawn area.

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