Leroy Paul Street, last child of Mattie and George Washington Street was born September 25, 1904. He married Lucy Price and they have Roy, Jr and Clinton “C.P.” Price Street. They also had a younger son.

Uncle Roy was loved so much by all of us young nieces and nephews – mostly nieces, at least by Mother’s and Mettia’s. I remember once he and Payne Hale came to stay a few days at our home. Payne showed us how to tie a string on a June Bugs leg and then to a chair. We thought it was great fun, but I don’t remember that any of us ever did it.

Maddox Hale and Uncle Roy went to Phoenix, Arizona one summer to get relief from allergies and Uncle Roy liked it so much he stayed. Two or three years ago, C.P. brought him back to see Aunt Metta who was in S.C. living with Virginia. He spent some time there and then came to Dade County to see Lorena, Grace and me who were in Trenton and on Lookout Mountain. I gave Uncle Roy my book which was written by Barry Goldwater. (Submitted by Lola Moore Kyte, Kingston, TN 37763.)

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