James Brown was born ca 1787 in VA. He was married to an Anna (last name unknown) who was born ca 1805 in Tennessee. The following appears to have been their children: Michael S., born ca 1832, TN; William E., born ca 1836, TN; Olive Ann, born ca 1838, GA; Kiziah H., born ca 1842, GA; Sarah P., born ca 1845, AL; Serna P., born Jan 1849, AL.

Per the 1860 census, James was 75 years of age while Anna was 57. Included in the household was Olive A. Bush, age 22, Kiziah Brown 18; Sarah Brown, 15; Serene Brown, 10; and Oliver bush, 4.

This Brown family may have had some connection with the James Brown family who were living in Dade County prior to 1840 to after 1900. (Submitted by SF)

  1. earleene

    there seems to be another family with simular names: james brown, not mine, mine is james william brown jr. who married mary ann polly cartwright, they had sons john,andrew james william,albert,joel, their son james william who went by william ,married peggy craig, their daughter mary ann brown polly, married william cuzzort. my grandfather is hade cuzzort their only son, please add this as it will prevent confusion. thanks earleene

  2. verenicehawkins

    If you are related to the Thomas Blake family you have a relative who lives at Rising Fawn Ga. He is Norman Blake and is a well known musician. His father was Rufas Blake and his grandfather was Larkin Blake. Several family members are buried at Sulphur Springs.

  3. Jamie Fisk

    Thomas Early Blake was my 3rd GGFather and Larkin Blake was a 1/2 sibling of my 2nd GGMother, Margarete Blake. I would be very interested in knowing more about Norman and his family.

  4. verenicehawkins

    This site has an article about Thomas Blake and Norman Blake. Norman lives here at Rising Fawn. He usually makes music with a group on Thursday night at Trenton Ga. Verenice Hawkins

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