Lemuel A. and Sarah Duncan Brown


Lemuel A. and Sarah Duncan Brown

Lemuel A. and Sarah Duncan Brown


Lemuel Alonzo {-1825) and his wife Sarah Duncan Brown came to Dade County shortly after 1850 with at least one child named William Theodore (1848-1927), from Anderson, South Carolina. In 1880 we find them in Johnson Crook in the Rising Fawn area among families whose descendants are friends today with descendants of Lemuel and Sarah.

This couple had at least six other children, all born in this area: Elizabeth who died as an infant; John Wesley (1852); Milly A. (1854) who married Jeff (T.J.) Gatlin in 1873; Mary Ann (1856) married William H. Cuzzort (?); Martha C. L. (1858) married Jeff Ridley; Rufus Lorenzo (1860-1929) married Catharine Riordan in 1884; and Milton Thomas (1856) married Emma Warren in 1884.

W. T. (Uncle Bud) left Dade County at an early age, during the Civil War. He travelled west, settling in Arkansas, Texas and eventually New Mexico. Correspondence with his family finally stopped and for years they missed him and wondered about him.

It wasn’t until 1945 my mother, daughter of Rufus Brown, received a letter from his son in New Mexico. He had written to the County seat in Trenton and through H.F. Allison found her address.

Several years and many letters later his son, Charlie Brown and his wife came to Dade County in 1951. The clan gathered from five states for a wonderful “get acquainted” reunion at the home of Tom and Dessie McKaig Massey in New Salem.

The descendants of W. T. today are scattered from the Mississippi River throughout the west, all the way to Alaska. We’ve never lost contact with them again.

Lemuel was a Confederate soldier, Tennessee Regiment, 34th Division. He enlisted in May, 1862, was captured May, 1864 and released May, 1865.

Sarah Duncan’s mother lived to be 110 years and ten days old. I can well remember that being proudly repeated in the conversations of my grandfather “Rufus” and other kindred.

We’ve been unable to locate the graves of Lemuel and Sarah but have been told they were buried in the McKaig Cemetery at Guinn Springs, part way up the Newsome Gap Road to Lookout Mountain. This cemetery is near where the Browns made their home for many years.

We’re in touch with only a few of our cousins outside of the Rufus Brown line. Wish we knew more about them.

Written by Margaret C. Bradford Rising Fawn, Georgia 30738

  1. Kimberley Bruesch

    I am the mother of some of their descendants in Alaska. I have been trying to research this family for my children and this is my big breakthrough! I would love more information.

  2. yvonne

    my grandma’s name is Bertha mae dunkan ??

  3. Helen Blankenship

    I am the great grand daughter of Lemuel Brown, grand daughter of Rufus Brown, Rufus was living with his youngest sond, Milton (my dad) when he passed away.

  4. Big Bertha

    Rufus was a kind and compassionate man. He was full of love and affection, and had a way about him unlike any ive ever seen. Quiet and reserved at first meeting, he had a childlike spirit in many ways when it came to his beloved. He loved and showered her with affection and attention. He worked any job he could get to make sure the family was taken care of, and he made sure it was a job honestly done.He gave all he could give and it was alot.

  5. Raymond Brown

    My Name is Raymond Alexander Brown. I’m looking to find as much as I can about my family. The line from me to Lemuel is,
    Donald Wayne Brown
    James Alexander Brown
    James Alexander Brown
    William T Brown
    Lemuel Brown
    I have a scan of that same picture in my collection of stuff.

  6. verenicehawkins

    That article was written by Margaret Bradford of Rising Fawn, Ga. Margaret is no longer living. Her son Dion lives at Rising Fawn and his phone number is 706 462 2188

  7. Jamie Fisk

    Does anyone know if this family is related to the James Brown family on this site?

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