James Guinn Bethune

James Guinn Bethune Family

James Guinn Bethune Family

James Guinn Bethune, youngest son of Orbie and Ruby Betbune of Dade County grew up in the Davis community on Sand Mt. One of eight siblings, (four brothers and four sisters), James has spent most of his life on the mountain.

A top priority in James life is his relationship with God, and he answered the call of God to preach many years ago. In the year 1981, he had a radio broadcast on which he preached. One day the special singers that were expected for the broadcast did not arrive, thus James Bethune met his future wife.

Michael Green, a friend who helped James with the broadcast quickly rushed out to persuade his own sister to sing on the broadcast, thereby saving the day and introducing James to Kathy Green, Soon, James and Kathy began talking and going to church together, on August 8,1981 they were married.

Kathy Green Bethune is the granddaughter of Howard and Lois Michaels of Flat Rock, Alabama and Benton and Eva Green of Chattanooga Valley. She is the daughter of Alvis and Geraldine Green of Chattanooga. Kathy is the youngest of three children, (two brothers). She grew up in the Chattanooga area and is very happy to live in Dade County because she is a country girl at heart.

James and Kathy have been married for fifteen years  and have four children: Sara Danielle, Reuben Gabriel, Ethan Samuel, and Jonathan Seth. James has a grown son from a former marriage, James Dal Bethune who has five children. James and Kathy are both ministers, he an evangelist and she a child evangelist. They reside in the New Home community.

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