Born and reared on a farm in Dade County, Georgia – extreme northwest section, at the foot of Lookout Mountain.


Attended Dade County schools; graduated from the Martha Berry Schools – Mount Berry, Georgia, where he majored in Journalism with high honors and was awarded scholarship.


Owned and published the Dade County Times for 16 years and has been a member of the Georgia Press Association for many years. Winner in Georgia Essay Contest, sponsored by Georgia Chapter, International Association of Personnel in Employment Security.


His articles on various subjects, in addition to those related to the fields of Employment Security, have appeared in many local, state, national and international magazines and publications.


Served (without opposition) 4 years in Georgia State Senate and 4 years in Georgia House of Representatives. Was Lieutenant Colonel on staff of a number of Governors of Georgia.


“He has been awarded citations by United States presidents and Georgia governors’ committees for outstanding work on promoting the Hire the Handicapped Program in Georgia and throughout the nation.


“Mr. Forester writes a seekly column and editorials for a number of newspapers and trade publications in his home area. He makes many appearances before civic, veterans, employers, women’s church and other groups and organizations.


“He contacts personally many sick people each week. He counsels many persons, and is dedicated to assisting those who need it most. His motto is: My soul knows no fear except its unworthiness.”


A 32-degree Mason and Shriner, he is also a past Worshipful Master, Trenton Lodge No. 179 F&AM; past Worthy Patron, Order of the Eastern Star, Trenton, and has served as chairman of the board of deacons of his church while residing in Atlanta and was chairman of the stewardship committee, Atlanta Associational Brotherhood. His family was named “Family of the Year” of his church there in 1961. The Foresters are members of the Baptist Church.


“Mr. Forester was named “1963 Boss of the Year” by the American Business Women’s Association, Atlanta Charter Chapter. The award is made annually to the individual in the Atlanta area who, in the opinion of impartial judges, has contributed most to all programs designed for service to others and encouraging the practicing of the Golden Rule.


“Mr. Forester was one of the two directors of the Employment SecurityAgency of Georgia, retiring after 20 years of state and federal service in 1965. He was among those listed in “Personalities of the South,” 1970 edition, for outstanding and distinguished service.


“He founded The Dade County Sentinel in December 1965, and the newspaper is now listed among the top weekly newspapers in the eight Southeastern states. It is also one of the most quoted in Georgia. Mr. Forester serves as editor, drawing no salary.


“While president of the Dade County Lions Club, the stone “welcome markers” were erected at the north and south ends of the county, and the “State of Dade” car tags were made by the inmates of the state penitentiary at Reidsville through his efforts.


‘”Mr. Forester is married to the former Myra Alice Hester, and the couple have two sons and two daughters, all college graduates, as well as nine grandchildren. He operates the old “homeplace,” a farm east of New England which is known as “Shechem.”


“He was a member if the first basketball team, coached by the late Professor G. C. Austin, at Dade County High School. He comes from one of the pioneer families of Dade County, and has served his county well, as you can see from his many accomplishments.


“As we honor one of our own,, I would like to suggest that we give him a stand ovation – Fellow Lions, Elbert Forester!”


In acceptint the plaque which accompanied the tribute, Mr. Dorester stated in part: “All you have noted in your Dade County Sentinel that the good Lord blessed me with four personalities. These are found in The Sentinel on Page I, Column 1, from page stories, editorials, “Observations,” and “On the Street.” And now, I find that I only have one personality.


“I thank you from the lowest depths of my heart…Some of the citations that drape the walls of the family room at home will have to move over to make room for this from my home boys. I shall ever be grateful, and shall cherish it the rest of my life.”(Used by permission, HISTORY OF DADE COUNTY, GEORGIA, Retired Senior Volunteer Program, 1981)

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