In 1873, Jonathan Blevins resigned as Sheriff of Dade County, Georgia, because he and other members of the Blevins family started for Grapevine, Texas. After hearing what a wonderful place it was; they made the long hard trip.

Jonathan Blevins, son of Richard Blevins and Rhoda (Scott) Blevins was born in Kentucky on July 17, 1817. He married Emily Maxwell in 1837. Born to Jonathan and Emily Blevins were 13 children: Nancy, 1838; Mary 1839-1841; Richard, 1841; Lewis, 1843: William, 1845; Sarah Elizabeth 1847; Robert, 1848; Malvina, 1851; John Calvin, 1853, Emerson 1854; Gaines, 1857; Martha, 1862; and Rhonda Evline, 1865.

Emily Blevins died May 1, 1878, and was buried at White’s Chapel Cemetery in Grapevine. Jonathan then married Mrs. M. L. Currie. She died April 9, 1882. Then he married Mrs. M. E. Trantham. Jonathan died October 22, 1911, at the age of 94. He is also buried at White’s Chapel.

One of Jonathan’s sons was William Blevins, born January 18, 1845. He fought in the Civil War. He married Louisa Tittle and had five children when they started on the long trip to Texas. One son, Archel, died on the trip. They had three more children after they got to Texas. Their children were: John, 1866; Sally, 1867; George Lewis, 1868-1941; Richard, 1870; Archel, 1872-1873; Irene Oliva, 1874-1916; James, 1880; and Henry, 1879-1896. William and Louisa Blevins lived southwest of Grapevine. He died June 24, 1924, and she died January 13, 1927. Both are buried at White’s Chapel Cemetery.

George Lewis, one of William’s sons, was five years old when his family moved to Texas. He was born in Dade County, Georgia, on December 26, 1868. He grew up around Grapevine and married Laura Ann Johnson on December 25, 1892. She was born in Grapevine on February 25, 1870. Like all the other Blevins members, “Shorty” (as everyone knew him) was a farmer. “Shorty” died in 1940, and his wife died in 1948. Both are buried at White’s Chapel Cemetery. Their big farm home southwest of town was a well-known place. Four children were born to Lewis (Shorty) and Laura Ann Blevins. There were Beulah, 1893-1973; Lela, 1895-1962; Onie, 1898; and Clifford, 1903-1950.

Beulah was born August 4, 1893, in Grapevine. She married Carl Howard, born June 9, 1892, in Denton County. His family had moved to Grapevine when Carl was seven years of age. They were married in Beulah’s home on January 7, 1917 and moved to Dallas. In 1934 they moved to Forth Worth. Carl died July 20, 1971, and Beulah died February 4, 1973. They were both buried at Moore Cemetery in Arlington, Texas.

One child was born to Beulah and Carl Howard, Anna May, on February 10, 1918, in Dallas, Texas. On August 20, 1939, she married Clarence R. Daulton, born October 27, 1915, in Altus, Oklahoma. They live in Fort Worth. He is a retired meat salesman, and she is a retired school teacher.

Barbara Jean is the only child of Anna May and Clarence Daulton. She was born August 30, 1944 in Fort Worth. She married Ben W. Coldicutt (born December 3, 1943, in Texarkana, Arkansas) on July 20, 1963, in Fort Worth. She has taught school for seven years and Ben is Personel Director at Texoma Medical Center, a hospital in Denison, Texas. They have two children: Chris, born May 5, 1964; and Benji, born August 6, 1968. The Coldicutt family lives in Denison, Texas. (GRAPEVINE AREA HISTORY 1979. Submitted by Anna May Howard Daulton. Used by written permission by the Grapevine Area Historical Society, Grapevine, Taxes.)

  1. Kim Jones Ledingham

    Nancy Ann Blevins had a child named James Henry Steele on March 29,1861. I have the father listed as Lewis Henry Steele. But I can’t locate marriage information for them and in October1861, Nancy married David Satterwhite. From there I lose James Henry Steele until 1900. Does anyone know about this?

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