Walter Jackson Moore

Walter Jackson Moore born 5-18-1883 to John W. Moore and Delia Warren Moore. He married Fannie Nola Gray born 10-22-1892. Fannie’s parents were William (Bill) Gray 11-15-1850 to 6-22-1931 and Sarah Ann {Stephens) Gray born 2-8-1848 died 5-24-1930.

Our parents were landowners, homeowners and farmers in Dade County, GA. They lived on Lookout Mountain in the New Salem community. Dad and Mom always planted a large garden which produced all our vegetables needed for food. Dad planted corn, soybeans and hay, which was then harvested and used to feed the cattle. Mom dried fruits and vegetables. We had a milk cow and always had plenty of milk and butter for our large family.

Dad spent most of his time working but always had time for the family. In addition to farming he was employed by the Durham Mining Company. In 1940 or 1941 he was brought home from the company sick. He had lost his vision and never regained his eyesight. He could only see some shadows.

Mom had a full time job in the home since there were twelve children. She did enjoy making quilts and attending some of the “quilting parties” at New Salem. We remember Uncle “Super” Clarence Moore coming to our home on Sunday morning and sitting with Dad so Mom could attend church. Mom was also a midwife, assisting with the delivery of several babies at New Salem.

To our parents were born twelve children all in Dade County. Several made their home there while others moved away. The children are: 1. Lela Idella born 6-1-1910 died 12-24-1969, 2. Bonnie lone born 6-7-1911 died 12-31-1985, 3. Noel Arnold (Jim) 2-21-1913 – 2-6-1985, 4. Arvel Gatha Jack 5-28-1915, 5. Twins Rollie Claude 8-5-1919 and 6. Ollie Maude 8-5-1919, 7. Oval Tally 6-17-1921, 8. Dola Lorraine 12-5-1923 – 5-2-1981, 9. Walter Lloyd (June) 1-24-1926 – 1-26-1978, 10. Edna Pearl 2-22-1930, 11. Alvin Darrell (Bud) 9-28-1933 and 12. Clyda Joann (Tootsie) 1-1-1938.

Dad, Mom and all their deceased children are buried in Hawkins Cemetery at New Salem.

The Walter J. Moore family reunion started with our parents. All our families still get together the 2nd Sunday in June at our old home place for this annual reunion. We have a day of fun, fellowship and entertainment for all.

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