It is believed that the Basden family originated in England or Scotland. The first documented record of our Basden family is of William and Margery Wentworth Basden living in Southampton, Bermuda in 1680. Their son, Hugh, and his son, James and wife, Elizabeth Lightbourne Basden are found in Warwick, Bermuda in 1725. By 1730 James and Elizabeth Lightbourn Basden had come to American and settled in Isle of Wight County, Virginia. They remain in Isle of Wight/Southampton County, Virginia until about 1763 when some of our direct ancestors migrated to Onslow County, North Carolina. They are first found on a census record in Onslow County, North Carolina in 1790 where most of the Basdens remain. James and Sarah Basden, parents of our David migrate to Franklin County, Alabama around 1830. From there our David goes to Liberty County, Florida where he purchases land and he and wife, Anna Jane Rouse Basden’s first child, John Henry Basden, is born.

By 1840 David and Anna Jane Rouse Basden have settled at Trenton, in Dade County, Georgia. They live there for the rest of their lives. Our Basdens have all been members of the Church of Christ. Family tradition says that their religion was set by Martha Ann Wakefield. Some of the Basden family from Virginia and North Carolina migrate to coastal Georgia, settling in Glynn, Chatham, Troup, and Mclntosh counties. The early Basdens were mariners by profession and those who settled in costal Georgia continued in that tradition. However, our David strayed from that occupation and chose the galley of Dade County to seek his fortune and raise his family. If the Basdens in our family are the result of this choice, it was a good decision. (Refer to family articles under David Basden, John Henry Basden and Martha Ann Wakefield, Mary Jane Basden and Phillip Schmidt, and Sarah Catherine Basden.) (Submitted by Jo Treece Basden, Norman, OK 73069.)

  1. Robin Leith

    My mother is a Basden. Her daddy’s name was Clarence. He has brothers and sisters. One brother is named Claude. Claude is still living. My great grandfather was named Fred Philip Basden. He was born 1/2/1880 in Colbert County Alabama. He died 2/22/1946. One of his daughters is named Annie Mae Basden and was married to a man by the last name of Davis. His daddy was Alexander Basden. Alexander married George Ann Austin , Daughter of John Austin sr. who was born in 1815 in Orange County N C. George Ann was Born in Kentucky in 1840 and married my great, great grandfather on April 21, 1868 in Tishomingo County, Mississippi. I am working on our family tree and any information you could give me on the Basdens would be so appriciated. George Ann Austin is a direct descendant of Philip Austin of The Philip Austin Family North Carolina, Tennessee & Arkansas.

  2. Janet Carr

    My great grandmother was a Basden. She married Joseph Emmitt Basden and her name was Sarah Bernard. They settled in Kentucky. They had one girl named Anna Jeanette, boys named Oatis, Emmitt, Henry and Richard.
    Joseph was a soldier in the Civil war and fought for the south. Therefore, his family lived somewhere in the south. Because he was disenherited, I never learned who his family was. I would love to know who these people were. Supposedly they were wealthy and when Joseph married the girl from Kentucky, he was disenherited. I would appreciate any help in my search. Thankyou.

  3. Charles David Basden

    Need info on William Franklin Basden Jr. 1855-1917

    Son of W.F.Basden Sr. 1835-1910 who’s father was George Basden 1810-1871

    Franklin and Colbert counties,Ala.

  4. Claudie Basden Jr

    I am The son of Claudie. As a kid I would vivit your Grandfather,spent serveral summers with Annie Mae. What is your Mother and fathers first name. Dad is living in Mooresville Ms. Your grandmothers name was vera and they had a son name Burton.

  5. Robin Leith

    Charles your best bet is to contact Dan Yaklin out of the Dallas Texas area.

  6. John Basden

    2/5/13 Good Morning,
    I am John Basden from Texas, Father=Oliver P. Basden 1892-1964 Grand Father=Peter Gray Basden 1868-1948 would appreciate any additional information.

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