The first Slygo Baptist Church service began on September 2, 1990, in the home of Buford and June Gail Hart line. Rev. Wade Brown was called to be the first pastor.

Shortly after, property was purchased from Danny Clark on Old Hale’s Gap Road in Slygo Valley. A small building was donated by Melvin (Bud) McDonald, which was to be the first Slygo Baptist Church building.

Rev. Brown resigned as pastor and Rev. Roger Dehart came to Slygo Baptist on June 23, 1991.

In November 1991, the new church building was purchased from J. C. Ayers in Wildwood, Georgia and moved to the present site. The first church service in this building was on Sunday, December 1, 1991.

Then in 1994, four new Sunday School rooms were added on to the church. At the present, plans are being made for a new fellowship hal1.

The charter members were as follows:

Roy and Juanita Harris, James and Jean Helms, Darlene Sullivan, Iola Gaddis, Sam and Tonjia Rucker, Wade and Mickey Brown, Buford and June Gail Hartline.

The present pastor of Slygo Baptist is Rev. James Ralph McMahan of Rising Fawn, Georgia. He was called as pastor on June 29, 1995. (June Gail Hartline)

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