Robert Henry, born in 1874, was the son of Benjamin F. Nabors and Harriett Magill Nabors. He grew up living in a house that straddled the state line with half of the house in Georgia and the other half in Tennessee.

He married Nellie Hixson in Dade County on 10 October 1897. Nellie died on 24 November 1925 and was buried in the Magill Cemetery next to their children who had died young. After her death, Robert was back and forth between Sacramento, California and Hamilton County Tennessee. He died in Sacramento in 1955 and was buried there. He and Nellie were the parents of twelve children:

1 .   Bonnie (1 898-1958); married George W. Hixon and lived in Hamilton County Tennessee. They were the parents of five children.
Lawrence, died at two years of age, buried in Magill Cemetery.
Raymond, born in 1901, died in California; no children.
William Earl (6 January 1902-5 September 1993), married Ruth Secombe. William died in Kingston, TN. They were the parents of six children.
Beulah Elizabeth (23 January 1903-1 December 1980), died in Los Angeles, California. She married a Young and they were the parents of one child, a daughter.
Gladys (1916-1 967), married Alien Marable and lived in Knoxville, Tennessee. She and her husband were the parents of two children.
Diamond Joe, (31 July 1907-3 April 1990), lived in California; died in Los Angeles. He and his wife had no children.
Goldie died young is buried in Magill Cemetery.
George (1911-1 965), died in California. George was married twice. He has two children by his first wife and a daughter by his second wife.

10. Dorothy (16 February – 15 August 1994), married a Brosius and lived in Wichita, Kansas. She and her husband had one son who died without heir.

11. James Leon (24 January 1919 – January 1987), known as “Uncle Jady,” died in Cleveland, Ohio. He and his wife had three children.

12. Jack, the only surviving child (July 2002) of Robert and Nellie, now lives in AZ. He and his wife have two or three children.

(Submitted by SF)

  1. kim donaldson

    hi, i am the granddaughter of Beulah Nabors. I would like to clear up something. Beulah was first married to Harold McCall who died when they had only been married 2 months. She then married George Leonard Conger in CA and they had 1 daughter Beulah Mae Conger Bell Wood. They divorced in the late 1920’s. Beulah married Doc Young in the early 1940’s. Beulah Mae Conger Bell Wood has 3 daughters of which I am one.

    Thank you

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