Edna Pearl Moore Roberts

Edna Moore Roberts Family

Edna Moore Roberts Family



Edna Pearl Moore daughter of Walter J. and Fannie Gray Moore was born 2-22-1930 married 1. Arvalee Holtzhower born 3-11-1927 on 8-3-1946. To this union were born:

1. Alien Lee 2-19-1949 married Sheila Ann Whitmore. They have two children, 1. Brooke Renee born 11-11-1979 and 2. Nichole Leigh born 7-16-1984.

2. Janie Sue Holtzhower born 1-16-1951 married John Richard Hudson on 1-13-1973. They have two children, Jennifer Ashley 3-13-1982 and Joshua Brandon born 11-11-1983.

3. Eddie Steve Holtzhower born 1-17-1952 married 1. Peggy Ann Langford on Oct. 28, 1972. Eddie and Peggy are parents of two children Dawn Marie born 4-29-1975 and Eric Stephen born 7-30-1979.

Eddie married 2. Loretta Ann Garland born 12-29-1958 on 4-12-1982. They have one son Michael Charles Holtzhower born 5-2-1983.

Edna Pearl married 2. Charles Lewis Roberts born on 4-30-1960. Edna and Charles had one daughter Debbie Ann Roberts born 12-26-1962 married Todd Lewis Cannon on June 6-1987. Charles Nicholas Cannon is their son born 8-10-1991.

Written by JoAnn Moore Roach

Rossville, Ga. 30741


  1. Eddie Holtzhower

    Names and dates wrong.

  2. Eddie Holtzhower

    Edna Pearl Moore Holtzhower Roberts

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