The son of William Alexander and Margaret Echols Moore, John Valentine – Uncle “Vol” Moore lived from 1887-1969 and is buried in Hawkins Cemetery. He married Alley Huffman (9-9-1902 – 1979) who is buried in Melbourne, Fla. She was from Duback, La. Alley attended Trevecca College (Nazarene) in Tennessee and came to Lookout Mountain as a school teacher. She taught elementary school in the old two-story building across Highway 136 from Harold and Inez Moore’s home. The old school building later burned. It has been told to me that her son Joe set the fire.

            The Moores had four sons: John Moore 2-22-1962, Joseph C. Moore 1964, Jeffery Benjamin Moore 1969, and Jason Moore 8-14-1971. The Moore’s son, J. V. Moore, was in the Korean War. He graduated from college in Fla. and worked several years for RCA – Eastern Testing Range-Cape Carnival and Cape Kennedy in Fla. He left that job and worked in his brothers printing company (Sam Moore) until last year in 1991. He is now disabled and lives with his brother, Parks. J. V. Moore married Margaret Lyons from Kentucky. 

            Parks Moore, another son, is disabled and lives in Margate, Fla.  His brother, Joe Moore was in the U.S.M.C. Joe worked for the Beverly Hills Fire Dept. in California for several years. Joe later returned to Fla. He developed severe mental problems and committed suicide.

4.  Sam Moore 4-9-1939 owns and operates a printing business.

            After John Valentine moved to Fla. He worked as a carpenter out of the local carpenters union. He died from a blood clot developed after gall bladder surgery.  He also suffered from heart failure. Alley’s cause of death was a severe coughing disease and complications from a broken hip due to a fall. Alley is buried in Fla.

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