Born on 17 Oct 1835 in Trenton, Dade Co., GA, Mary Jane Basden died in Pomona, Spalding Co., GA on 22 Mar 1893; she was 57. She was buried in Sunnyside Cemetery (Methodist Church), Sunnyside, Spalding Co., GA.

On 19 Jan 1855 when Mary Jane was 19, she married Phillip Schmidt (Smith), Jr., son of Philip Schmidt (Smith) Sr. and Barbara Haag, in Franklin Co., TN. He was born on 12 May 1829 in Weidenthal, Bavaria, Germany. Philip died in Pomona, Spalding Co., GA., on 2 Feb 1897; he was 67. He was buried in the Methodist Church Cemetery, Sunnyside, Spalding Co., GA.

From Carol Himmelsteib: “Philip Schmidt/Smith was born in Weidenthal, Bavaria, Germany. He was thought to be an engineer who specialized in railroad bridge building. He came to America in 1849 and to Dade County Co., GA., about 1850. Prior to that, he was supposedly living in Louisville, KY and perhaps Chicago, IL.” Philip and Mary Jane Basden Schmidt were on the 1860 Dade Co. census. From there they went to Jonesboro, Clayton Co., GA, and then to Griffin, Spalding Co., GA where he had grape vineyards. From Richter Smith: “Philip Schmidt, Jr. enlisted in the Confederate Army, was captured at Cumberland Gap, and spent a terrible winter in Federal prison at Camp Douglas, Chicago, IL. Released because he was still a technically a German citizen, he came back to Georgia and settled, first at Morrow Station, Clayton Co., and later at Pomona where he raised fruit. He died February 2, 1897, and is buried in the Sunnyside Churchyard, right by the railroad tracks.”

A letter Dorothy Ellis Gill, Griffin, GA to Susie Smith Sinclair, Henersonville, NC, dated 10 March 1973:

“What I remember hearing about Philip Smith and the Civil War – was that he left Germany to get away from the compulsory military service there. I don’t recall how many years each able-bodied man was supposed to serve. He hated war and the military in all its aspects. He knew they were conscripting every available man in Georgia, so he went to Chattanooga to avoid the conscription, and was picked up on the streets there… My recollection of the New Albany kin was that the name was Hoffman. The lady of the house was “Cousin Rosa.” We stayed at the Brown Hotel, and visited Cousin Elias and his daughters. While we were there, Cousin Elias was trying to get Merrill’s [son of Jesse T. and Theordora Smith Ellis] diabetes under control, which was not exactly successful. He finally died of it… Maude has told me about the history of Weidenthal but I’ve never seen it. The Haffen [Hoffrnan?] name may have been Americanized, also, after their settling here. I think I wrote you that Richter shot and killed himself Feb. 1, 1973. His wife is a lovely, gentle person, and they certainly had four fine sons. I’m saddened for Peggy and the boys.”

Phillip and Mary Jane Basden Schmidt/Smith had the following children:

David G., born on 2 Dec 1856 in Wildwood, Dade Co., GA., died in Spalding Co., on 5 Sep 1881. He was 24.

John Henry (1858-1928)

Charles Theodore (1865-1939)

Mary Louise “Lou.” Born on 15 Jan 1862 in Dade Co., GA. Mary Louise “Lou” died on 13 July 1936. She was 74.

On 4 Dec 1891 when Mary Louise “Lou” was 29, she married Robert T. Rouse, in GA. He was born on 25 Nov 1859 and died on 16 Aug 1917; he was 57.

Children of Robert T. and Mary Louise Smith Rouse: Philip, b. 1892, md. Viola; Julian, b. 1894, md. Elizabeth; Cecil, b. 1897, md. Meta; Francis Marion (1867-1924);. Frederick Mortimer, born on 9 Sep 1869 in Morrow, Clayton Co., GA. Frederick Mortimer died on 25 Apr 1930; he was 60.

Frederick Mortimer married Anna Lee, born on 17 Jun 1881; died on 21 Apr 1955; age 73. Mortimer and Annie Lee Smith’s Children: Edward Lamar, b. 1 Aug 1907, md. Susan Mathis; Marion Lee; Florence, born on 15 Jul 1873 in Morrow, Clayton Co., GA, died on 9 Oct 1946 at age 73.

On 6 Oct 1896 when Florence was 23, she married Werner Griggs Brown, in Morrow, Clayton Co., GA., born on 7 Dec 1859. Werner Griggs died on 25 May 1926 at age 66. Werner G. and Florence Smith Brown’s children: Elsie Florence, b. 8 Nov 1898; d. 15 Aug 1921; Mary Eloise, b. 27 1902; d. 20 May 1939; md. 1 Sep 1936 to Dr. Elias S. Frey; Theodora “Dora” (1875-1946); Julian Elmore (1878-1950).

(Submitted by Jo Treece Basden, Norman, OK 73069.)

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