William Lee and Catherine Allison, Jr.


William Lee Allison, Jr. (4-13-1796 NC – 2-6-1852) and his wife, Catherine (maiden name unknown, 4-4-1799 TN – 2-20-1853) must have arrived in Dade County just prior to 1850. Research tends to identify Wilkes County NC as the origin of this Allison family. They would later move to Bedford County TN (1820-30s) where their children were born and later to Marion County TN (late 1830s – 1840s). In 1848 the family has a land deed in DeKalb County AL and then appear on the census of 1850 as residents of Dade County GA. William and Catherine are buried in Byrd’s Chapel Cemetery, Dade County GA.


William and Catherine had nine children: Hugh Lawson White Allison, 5-20-1822 TN – 6-7-1884 Rising Fawn, GA. On July 11, 1848, Marion County TN, HLW Allison married Mary Ann Ramsey (11-16-1832 Marion Co TN and 3-19-1901 Rising Fawn, GA.) the daughter of Sydney Haynes Ramsey Buckner. To this marriage 10 children were born: Timothy William Lee (1849 – 1919) married 1st Mary Ellen Norwood and 2nd Martha Cummings; Eliza Jane (1851 – 1934 CA) married Enoch B Ketcherside; Nancy Artimency (1853 – 1906) married John A Cureton; John Simon (1856 – 1903) married Nannie Wise; Sarah (Sallie) Elizabeth (1858 – 1934) married Erasmus J Holleman; Hugh Kelso (1860 – 1933) married Laura Elizabeth Smith; James Rendleman (1863 – 1901) married Mamie H Pittman; Michael Morrison (1865 – 1930) married Sarah Augusta Downing; Ephraim Madison (1867 – 1939) married Allie Martha Willis; and Mary (Mollie) Rebecca (1870 – 1926) married Michael Joseph Fahey.


HLW Allison served as Commissary in the 104th Regiment, GA State Troops during the Civil War.


Mary (Polly) Amanda (Amandy) Allison, 8-15-1823 TN and 6-15-1896 Galena, Cherokee County, KS. Mary married (8-31-1843) William Christopher Columbus Adams, 2-7-1823 Marion Co TN – 2-26-1869 Franklin Co AR. To this marriage 8 children were born: Susan Ann (1844 TN – 1925 Seattle, King Co WA) married Thomas Clark 8-8-1869 Franklin Co AR; William Alexander (1846 Marion Co TN – 1900 Galena, Cherokee Co. KS) married 1st Mariah Jane Pendergrass, 10-4-1866; 2nd Elizabeth Jane Cofield 5-22-1874; , and 3rd Margaret Ann Babb Wilson 7-4-1890; David Marcus (1847 – 1930 Seattle, King Co. WA) married Ellen Reid?; Amanda Jane (1850 AR – 1936 Mulberry, Crawford Co AR) married James Monroe Pendergrass 1866 Franklin Co AR; Martin Luther (1852 Franklin Co AR – 1908 Seattle, King Co. WA) married Sina McCormick Weaver 1877 Franklin Co. AR; Hugh Luther (1853 Franklin Co AR – 1870 Franklin Co AR) never married; Mary Arabella (1856 Franklin Co AR – 1929 Seattle, King Co. WA) married 1st Joseph B McGlothlin, 2nd a Jones and 3rd a Smith; John Quincy (1860 Franklin Co AR – 1910 Seattle, King Co, WA) married 1st Ella Maude Rose 1880 and 2nd Emmaline Bethana Stokesberry 1896 Galena, Cherokee Co. KS.


Robert Allison (1824 TN – dod ????) married Elizabeth Bryant, daughter of James and Mary Bryant, Sr. of Marion County TN. To this marriage, two children were born: Sarah Jane (c1845 – ?) who married Henry Bacon and migrated to TX. William A. (1850 – 1909) married Mary Ellen Lowe and they settled in Jack County TX.


Robert’s second wife was Martha Coppinger (abt 1828 – ?), daughter of Walter and Rachel Tussey Coppinger. They had 6 children: David Hugh (1853-1937 Craig Co OK) married Mary E Hobbs; John (1855-1933 Bryan Co OK) married Mary F Ashby; Samuel (c1858-1935) never married; Lincha Ann (1859-1940 Johnson Co TX) married Silas Stone; Austin (1860-1923 Jefferson Co AL) married Bella Franks; and Kelsey Allen (1864-1947 Comanche Co OK) married George Etta Ramsey.


It is believed that Robert and Martha died in TX.


Susannah “Susan” Allison 7-23-1826 TN – 8-2-1910 Battle Creek, Marion Co TN. Susannah married 2 – 1851, Alexander Coppinger (4-21-1821 – 5-31-1863 Sequatchie, Marion Co TN). Alexander was the son of Walter and Rachel Tussey Coppinger. Both are buried in the Lasater Cemetery near Sequatchie, Marion Co.TN. To this union, 10 children were born, all in Marion Co TN: Austin (1846 – 1913) married Brazelia Curtis; Mary Jane (1848 – 1907) married Elisha Davison Tate; Sarah Ann (1849 – 1898) married Dallas Dixon; Hugh Lawson (1851- 1907) married Pernina or Perina Jane Tanner; Martha Elizabeth (1853 – 1908) married Malcolm Burnett; John Smith (1855 – 1865); Jerome (1856 – 1865); Jesse (1858 – 1937) married Melissa Ann Higgins; George Washington (1859 – 1927) married Sarah E Carlock; and Isham Alexander (1861 – 1906) married Orpha Levan.


Susan and Alexander settled permanently in Marion County TN, living in Coppinger’s Cove, near Sequatchie.


Sarah (Sally) Allison 10-23-1827 TN – 3-9-1908 Fannin Co. TX. Sarah married Richard S Jones (8-25-1829 – 10-29-1862) son of Henry and Susan A Wheeler Gifford? Jones, February 20, 1851 Dade County GA. Sarah and Richard had six children: Amanda (Mandi) Catherine Jones (1852 Dade Co GA – 1881) married James A McGehee 5-11-1873 Lawrence Co MO; William Henry Jones (1853 Dade Co GA – ?) married Eliza Ann Lane 7-9-1877 Collin Co TX; John E. W. Jones (1855 MO – ?) married Elizabeth (Lizzie) McCandless; Hugh James Jones (1858 Dade Co GA – 1933 Rowlett, Dallas Co TX) married 1st Mary Matilda “Mollie” Rhea and 2nd Nancy Elizabeth Webb; George W Jones (1860 Dade Co GA – 1910 TX) married Anna Elizabeth Kirby 1-11-1883 Dallas Co TX; and Richard S Jones (1862 Dade Co GA – ?).


Richard Jones served with Company D, 39th GA Vol Inf, Army of TN, CSA, “Dade County Invincibles”. He died in service, but it is unsure if it was due to military action or typhoid fever. His widow, Sarah, applied for her widow’s pension while she resided in TX. Former Dade County residents who had also migrated to TX, witnessed her application and provided statements of their relationships and knowledge of service. Those men were W W Buckner, J N P Lowe, H H Austin, and Wm Sutton. T. H. B. McCandless and her son, J E Jones would witness her application.



William Allison 7-26-1829 TN – 7-10-1837.


John Allison 5-29-1831 TN – 6-19-1909 Sonora, Sutton Co. TX. In 1852, John married Mary Elizabeth Wakefield (5-12-1827 – 5-8-1872 Wilson Co TX) daughter of Silas Burke Wakefield and Sophrenia Sutton Wakefield. Two children were born to this marriage: George Sutton Allison (1854 Trenton, Dade Co GA – 1945 Sonora, Sutton Co. TX) married Margaret Thornhill (1857 MO – 1931 Sonora, Sutton Co. TX). They married in Tarrant County TX in 1875. The second child was Sarah Caldonia Allison (1853 Trenton, Dade Co GA – 1932 Los Angeles Co. CA) married French Whitecotton, son of Wayne & Mary Whitecotton of Scott Co TN.


John was a member of Trenton’s Masonic Lodge No. 179 between 1861 and 1865. He also served as a 2nd Lt in Company D, 39th GA Vol Inf, Army of TN “Dade County Invincibles” in 1862. He and his family would move to Salem, Marion Co, IL where his brother Hugh Lawson White Allison would send him an Adams Express Company Money Order from Chattanooga TN, dated Aug 28, 1865, for $200.00. The original receipt is still in the family.


John would move back to Dade County and later started his migration to TX, being in White Oak Township, Franklin Co AR on the 1870 census. Other members of his family were there, including his sister Mary A Allison Adams as a resident; sister Julie Ann Allison Wheeler and family as they migrated to TX. With John and his family was William Allison, his nephew, the son of Robert and Elizabeth Bryant Allison.


John migrated through Tarrant County TX in the early 1870s and would then reside in Wilson County, near Stockdale, TX. His wife Mary Elizabeth would die there in 1872, buried in the Butler-Wheeler Cemetery. John would return to Dade County and marry Sarah Margaret “Maggie” Wood; they would return to Wilson County and have a son, John Adkinson Allison (1874 – 1934). In 1880 the family was living in Wise County TX and by 1891 had permanently settled near Sonora, Sutton County, TX. .


Julie Ann Allison 2-10-1833 TN – 4-8-1917 Young’s Prairie, Erath County TX, buried Rough Creek Cemetery, near Grapevine, in Hood Co. TX. Julie Ann married William David Wheeler July 1852 (5-27-1829 AL – 6-3-1894 buried Rough Creek Cemetery, Hood Co. TX) the son of Simeon & Cynthia Wheeler. Julie and William D had 10 children: Sarah (Sallie) Wheeler (1853 AL – 1922 Hood Co TX); Goodson Wheeler (1855 – 1927 Gracemont, Caddo Co. OK, buried Memory Lane Cemetery) married Lucinda Elizabeth Schoonover the daughter of Isaac and Mary J Schoonover; Robert H Wheeler (1857 TN – ?) married Sarah ?, she is buried in Hood Co TX; Josephine E (1859 TN – ?); John Wheeler (1861 TN – ?); William David Lee Wheeler (1864 MO – ?), married Martha Etta maiden name unknown (1861 – 1894 Hood Co TX); James H Wheeler (1865 MO – ?); George Luther Wheeler (1868 – ?); Susan Wheeler, never married (1869 AR – ?); and Oscar Wheeler (1873 AR – ?).


William Wheeler’s parents, Simeon & Cynthia Wheeler are found in Jackson Co AL on the 1850 census. In the household are children William age 20 and Mary age 11. Cynthia would die in 1853 at the age of 54. On the 1860 census Simeon is living in Dade Co GA with Mary, age 50 TN, and Martha Lowe, age 23, GA.


William D and Julie Ann Wheeler would migrate through Franklin Co AR in 1870; appear in Montague Co. TX in 1880, and later living in Erath Co and Hood Co TX.


George Washington Allison 4-6-1836 TN – 6-16-1909 Buckner, Jackson Co MO, buried Oakland Methodist Cemetery. On 10-13-1854, Lawrence Co, Mo., George married Melissa Malvina Pennington (1835/36 IL – 1862?), she was the daughter of Simeon and Nancy McGehee Pennington. George and Melissa had two children: Josephine Allison (abt 1855 MO – ?) and William Allison (1857 MO – ?). George W Allison’s second marriage (3-7-1864) was to Emily Jane McGehee (1-3-1847 Mt Vernon TWP, Lawrence Co. MO – 11-1928, buried in Oakland Methodist Cemetery, Buckner, Jackson Co. MO.) She was the daughter of James A and Hannah Ann Brown McGehee. George and Emily Jane would have 10 children: Robert H Allison (abt 1865 – 1886) who married Martha Kathryn Cartmill in 1883 (1865 Jackson Co MO – ?), the daughter of John B Cartmill; Julia Elizabeth Allison (1867 AR – 1911 MO) married Walter Jefferson Cartmill (MO); James Allison (1869 AR – ?); Noah Washington Allison (1872 AR – 1955 Lafayette Co. MO) married Fannie Adaline Sharp; Thomas Simeon Allison (1874 MO – 1963 Jackson Co MO) married Nancy Anthony; Catherine (Kate) Menisa Allison (1876 – 1940) married Arthur L Stephenson; Walter Ernest Allison (1878 – 1952) married Nellie Estella England; Melissa J Allison (1880 – 1918) married Joseph Arthur Webb; Harley L Allison (1882 – ?); and Sarah Luella (1884 – 1976) married Albert Sidney Anthony.


Dade County records show business transactions between members of this Allison family and the following area residents: Leonidas Evans (1849); Moses Starret (1851); Alfred D Howard, Abraham Tinker, William Smedley (1852); James W Cureton, Odian Castleberry (1853); William Adkins (1859); John Stewart (1860); William Harris (1854); Simeon Wheeler (1856); Milton Derryberry (1861); Covington C Guinn, Elizabeth Cagle, James Cox, Benjamin Pace (1863), Robert Tatum (1866); Larkin Payne (1867); Larkin Payne (1869); John P Bond (1870); Larkin Payne (1872).


DNA test results of a current descendant of William and Catherine Allison, Jr. indicate 99.9% that a common ancestor is shared between this line and that of William and Lucy Allison of Wilkes County NC. William and Lucy had 13 children: John, Susannah, Mary, William, Thomas, Hugh P, James, Ephraim, Nancy, Samuel, Daniel, Benjamin, and Avarilla. Current research is trying to identify the family and children of the child named William in an effort to determine if he is the father of William Lee Allison, Jr.


Submitted by: Gil Allison, 2408 Crescent Dr., Vernon, TX 76384

email: aronos@sbcglobal.net phone: 940-552-7220

  1. Gil Allison

    I see a mistake in my own submission: the following sentence should be changed. (in the section on John Allison) His wife Mary Elizabeth would die there in 1872, buried in the Butler-Wheeler Cemetery.

    (this adds the first name of Mary in the entry, so it reads Mary Elizabeth. It was submitted as only Elizabeth)

  2. Gil Allison

    paragraph on Julie Ann Allison Wheeler states “buried Rough Creek Cemetery, near Grapevine, Hood County, TX”. This should read NOT Grapevine, but near Granbury, Hood County, TX.

  3. Richard B Allison Jr

    Do you know of anyone who has traced the Virginia Allison family?

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