(Missing picture and not about Dade County.)

The occasion was in celebration of two Austin kinsmen who were visiting from Georgia, namely James Franklin “Jim” Austin and William Blevins “Weaver” Austin. The two men were brothers and were sons of Jonathon Asbury Austin. They were grandsons of Hezekiah Daniel Austin and Nancy Jane (Blevans) Austin. They had traveled to Texas to meet as many of their kinspeople as possible who had, years earlier, migrated from Georgia, and to see all of those who had been born since.


On a sunny day in July 1909 they all met at the home of Michael Lee Morrison “Mike” Austin and his wife Margaret Jane “Burkhalter) Austin. It was here that this photograph was made.


The following identifications and accompanying information is keyed to the numbers superimposed on the identification photograph. It is not intended as a complete run down on these peoples lives (Nor does this writer possess all of such information). Rather it is intended to be of some help to those who may wish to pursue genealogical research further, to help in identifying the lines from which they came, and to establish their kinship.


  1. Hezekiah Holman Austin – Aug. 6, 1843 – Nov. 15, 1913, known as “Uncle Kiar” (pronounced Kar) to many people. Eldest son of Stephen Blevins Austin, and great grandfather of Jack Dalton Reynolds.


  1. Michael Lee3 Morrison “Mike” Austin – Sept 17, 1849 – Jan 12, 1931 son of Stephen Blevins Austin.


  1. Margaret Jane (Burkhalter) Austin – Nov. 26, 1846 – Feb.10, 1916 “Mike” Austin’s wife.


  1. James Franklin “Jim” Austin – Oct. 30, 1862 – Feb. 20, 1925 was visiting from Georgia. Son of Jonothan Asbury Austin, brother of William Blevins “Weaver” Austin.


  1. Maude (Wilson) Austin – 1886 – Feb. 9, 1972. Wife of Dalton Ernest Austin.


  1. L. D. Austin – b. Mat. 6, 1909 son of Stephen Blevins “Blev” Austin. “Blev” also had a son named Keller.


  1. Stephen Blevins “Blev” Austin – Oct 24, 1866 – Sept12, 1932 son of James Scruggs Austin, and grandson of Hezekiah Daniel and Nancy Jane (Blevans) Austin.

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