Terrence Howard Moore and Frances Housch Moore

Terrence was born 4-1-1915 in Dade County Georgia and died 5-28-1971 in Catoosa County Georgia. He was the fifth child of Bert Clement Moore and Katherine Driggs Moore. Terrence grew up in the New Salem Community helping his father farm. After his father’s death in 1934, Terrence took on more responsibilities for his mother and younger siblings still at home. Shirley McGuffey Logan recalled Terrence was always her father’s, John, favorite of the Bert Moore boys. She remembered his coming to her father to borrow a car. The bridge over McGuffey Creek was only a couple of boards (about two-foot wide on each side) with an open span in the middle… just enough for a car to pass over. Terrence didn’t make it over the bridge. He somehow ran one of the tires off of the bridge. Shirley said getting that car back on the bridge was somewhat of a problem.

Terrence was drafted into the U.S. Army during World War II, but spent most of his time stationed in Florida due to a broken foot. Terrence’s grave marker at the Hawkins Cemetery reads “Terrence Harold Moore, Georgia CLP. 610 Base Unit AAP, World War II.”

After the war he returned to the mountain where he later met and married on 4-11-1947, Frances Housch, born 12-6-1918, from Chickamauga, GA. Terrence had been working at the Bleachery in Chickamauga replacing wiring when he met Frances. She had one daughter, Sarah, from a previous marriage. They lived for six years in Terrence’s Grandmother’s Georgia Ann’s old place. This little house was referred to as the weaning house and was only about thirty feet from Terrence’s mother Katherine’s, home. Terrence and France had no biological children.

Terrence’s brother-in-law, Bryan Logan, not only encouraged but also helped teach him to become an electrician. When electricity came to New Salem, about 1948, Uncle Terrence, with the help of Porter Everett, wired most of the homes.

In 1952 Terrence and Frances moved to Kingston, Tennessee where Terrence was employed with Union Carbide. Terrence’s sister and brother-in-law, Edith and Bryan Logan, also live in Kingston. Before retiring Terrence and Frances went on the road living in many places including Scottsboro, Alabama and Smyrna, Georgia.

They returned to Lookout Mountain to live in 1970. Frances belonged to the New Salem Methodist Church. She is well known for lending a helping hand when anyone is in need. This included coming to LaFayette to take care of me after the birth of my daughter for a couple of weeks. Many families have benefited from her help. She is also an excellent cook. My brother, Ken, says she makes the best apple cobbler on earth. Frances, a strong willed person was apt to give her opinion whether it was popular or not. This was done with forethought and never vindictive. Our community was grateful for her presence.

After Terrence’s death she married, in 1985, Porter Everett, a widower and friend of the family. Porter was the school bus driver for the Head River and New Salem section at Mountain for many years. He was known by many and liked by all that came in contact with him.

Porter was seventy-six when he and Frances married. A very young seventy-six! His son, Ronald, owned a machine shop in Chatsworth, GA and a small shop at home in New Salem. Porter loved to work with his son. He continued to work for Ronald until age eighty-four. After Porter’s death in 1991, Frances lived alone. In May of 1995, she sold her home on Highway 136 to Terrence ‘s great nephew, Jeffery David McBryar.

Frances daughter, Sarah, and son-in-law, Howard (Punk) Brown, live in Arlington, VA. They have purchased a retirement house on the river in Kingston, Tennessee which is home to Sarah and Punk as they both grew up there. They asked Frances to come live with them in their retirement home. They often come to visit and look forward to retiring there in 1997. Howard (Punk) has been employed with Job Core for most of his working years. He and Sarah have two children: Judy Brown McNew and Donnie. Judy has three daughters: Bethany, Stephany and Cindy. Donnie has one daughter, Angel. (Submitted by Virginia Pennington Scruggs.)

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