K. Wayne Guffey

K. Wayne Guffey

K. Wayne Guffey

K. Wayne Guffey, of Lookout Mountain, has been a resident in Dade County for approximately 45 years. Wayne is a well-known gospel singer, songwriter, as well as shape-note singing school teacher. A composer of over 300 published songs in several books, the most well known song is “My Final Song,” which he wrote for his Uncle and Mentor, Roy Guffey. This song was recorded by The Scared Tones Quartet along with Roy Guffey. Wayne was a member of the Quartet for several years, producing three albums. His father, Rev. Paul Guffey taught him the sounds of the notes at an early age, and Wayne continued to be interested in gospel music doing self study for 40+ years.

After being employed by the United States Postal Service for 30 years, and Postmaster for 12 years, he retired, devoting more time to gospel music. He feels that God gave him a gift in music and therefore is compelled to share that gift in his song-writing and teaching singing schools. He has done such by directing singing schools and teaching music in multiple states including Mississippi, at the Gospel Singers of America School of Gospel Music.

He has published 8 church songbooks, and also a book of his published songs, titled “Songs from the Heart.”

Wayne‘s talent for writing Gospel Music was recognized in 1991 in the State of North Carolina, receiving the title of “Gospel Songwriter of the Year.” In 1997, he served as President of the Georgia State Gospel Singing Convention bringing approximately 500 people to Dade County. He also served as President of the 2002 National Singing Convention bringing people from 11 states to Dade County.

Wayne‘s love and God-Given talent for Gospel music has impacted many lives and Church Services everywhere. His legacy, music, and knowledge will continue to affect many generations to come.

Submitted by Cressida Bailey, Granddaughter

  1. Kent

    Where can I contact Mr. Wayne Guffey to see about getting some of his hymnals?

  2. verenicehawkins

    His phone number is 706 398 3140. His address is not in the phone book. I think he lives in West Brow. Don’t know if it is Trenton or Rising Fawn Georgia. You might try White Pages.

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