Joab McCollum was born October 19, 1807 and married Charity Woods about 1829. Charity was born January 31, 1811 and died June 8, 1845. After Charity’s death, Joab married Sarah Prince, who was half Cherokee. Sarah was born about 1825 and died August 25, 1882. Joab and Sarah were the parents of eight children. Joab, his parents, and both wives are buried at Sarah’s Chapel Cemetery near Trenton, Dade County, Georgia. John Nelson McCollum was born October 10, 1830, the oldest child of Joab and Charity Woods McCollum in Habersham County, Georgia. On April 28, 1853, he married Sarah Ann “Sally” Ro(d)gers, daughter of William and Ruth Ro(d)gers. Sally was born March 5, 1832 in Georgia and died July 19, 1888. John died September 21, 1921. John, Sally, and her parents are buried at Old Philadelphia Cemetery. John was an active and faithful member of the Old Philadelphia Methodist Church. John and Sally were the parents of ten children:

*William Quillin was born May 27, 1854 and died October 12, 1864.

*Joab Lafayette “Joe” was born February 24, 1856, and married Lazetta Wells on October 27, 1879, who was born in 1857 and died in 1883. Joe married Georgia Elizabeth Mitchell on May 9, 1920. She was born the daughter of Christopher Thomas and Elizabeth White Mitchell on October 3, 1873. Georgia died June 27, 1958. Joe died March 24, 1937. Joe and several family members are buried in a family plot at Forrest Hills Cemetery, Chattanooga, Tennessee.

*David Avery was born March 27, 1858 and died October 8, 1859.

*John Bradley was born May 25, 1860 and on November 3, 1881 married Ida May Pittisinger. John died January 27, 1944 and was buried at Ivy Chapel Cemetery in Little Rock. Arkansas

*Thomas Jackson was born September 24, 1862. He married a woman named Vi, whose last name is not known.

*Marcellus was born April 25, 1855 and died August 28, 1866.

*Ruth Ann was born August 14, 1868 and on January 3, 1889, married Joseph Albert Mathis, son of William Moses and Elizabeth Sellars Mathis. He was born March 9, 1862 and died August 25, 1944. Ruth Ann died June 20, 1948. Both are buried at Violet Hill Cemetery.

*Robert Lea was born November 15, 1871 and died June 20, 1936. He married Elzada Tittle, who was born in 1880 and died in 1954. Both are buried at Hooker Cemetery, Dade County, Georgia.

*Sarah Jane Elizabeth “Sally” was born May 11, 1874 and on November 13, 1892, married Martin Van Buren Jones. He was born March 24, 1874 and died March 5, 1950. Sally died December 21, 1958. Both are buried at Macy Cemetery near Monett, Arkansas.

*Maude Muller was born March 17, 1877, and on December 10, 1896, married Owen Ramsey, son of Samuel and Martha Ann Emma Walker Ramsey.Owen was born February 19, 1876 and died June 22, 1940. Maude died June 18, 1958. Both are buried at Ramsey Cemetery near Zion, Arkansas.

Submitted by Glenda Ramsey

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