The Laughridges came into Dade Co. through two daughters of Benjamin Franklin and Georgia Ann Poe Laughridge. Janie Elizabeth married George Adam Carroll, Sr. and they raised their family in Walker and Dade Counties. After Janie’s death soon after the death of a son George married Fannie (see Janie and George Carroll). Benjamin was born February 20, 1845. As a young man he started for Tennessee to join the Confederate Army, and was captured by the Union Army and spent the entire war as a prisoner in Nashville. He said that the Catholic women of Nashville saved the precious lives. They would walk along the street and throw food to those inside. He was the son of James Crawford and Mary A. Harris Laughridge. He married Georgia Ann Poe daughter of Alfred W. Poe and Sandy Jane Maddox. She was born December 6, 1845. They married February 7, 1867. They raised a large family – Mary Ann (Mamie) married Martin Lawrence; William Drake married Ella Lillian Cuberson; James Alfred; Janie Elizabeth married George Carroll; Benjamin Cicero; Sarah Lillie; Columbus Franklin married Mamie Neely; Fannie Easter married George Carroll; Ora Pearl married Aldrich R. Wheeler; and an unnamed son.


George died December 16, 1929. Benjamin died August 15, 1930. They are buried at Center Point Cemetery in Noble, Ga.


James Crawford Laughridge was born November 18, 1801 in Jackson Co., Ga. The son of James Laughridge and Frances Reid. His wife, Mary Ann Harris, was born January 10, 1817 in Cabarrus Co., N.C. She was the daughter of Elizabeth Pettus and William G. Harris. James and Mary Ann were married in Lumpkin Co., Ga. On December 23, 1834. Mary Ann died in 1901 in Murray Co., Ga. And is buried in the Casey Springs Methodist Cemetery. James died April 17, 1856 in Murray Co., Ga. and is buried in the Spring Place Cemetery.


Georgia Laughridge’s parents were Sivilety (Sibbie) Jane Maddux and Alfred W. Poe. Sibbie was born January 14, 1825 in Georgia. Alfred was born October 11, 1821 in Franklin Co., Ga. They married September 16th or 17th, 1840 in Walker Co., Ga. Her parents were Catherine Powell and BenjaminWells Maddux Alfred’s parents were Mary (Polly) Wilson and Samuel Poe. Sibbie died July 3, 1894 and is buried at the Wesley Chapel Cemetery in Lafayette, Ga. Alfred died during the Civil War on May 22, 1861. He is buried in the Poe Cemetery, Chatooga Co, Ga. north of Trion.

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