Shadrach Jerome Hale, son of John S. and Ollie (Dubose) Hale, was born November 4, 1874, in Dade County, Georgia, springing from an old pioneer family, being the grandson of Squire Shadrach Hale who immigrated to this section from Tennessee when the country was yet inhabited by the Cherokees.


He received his education in the schools of Dade County and served as a teacher for many years, then in 1909 was elected clerk of the Superior Court, serving several terms, during which time he took a correspondence course in a school of law and received his law degree October 12, 1912, being admitted to the Bar several months later in 1913.  He was assisted in the Clerk’s office by his wife Clara (Street) Hale, whom he married in 1903, she being the daughter of  George W. and Martha (Waddell) Street of Dade County.  Five (5) children were born to this union:  Douglas E. Hale, who died in 1960, Lorena H. Allison, Leona May Hale (who died in infancy).  Maddox J. Hale, who died in 1970 and Shade Payne Hale.


Shadrach was familiarly known as Shade, and he formed a partnership for the practice of law with William H. Payne, Jr. of Chattanooga, Tennessee about 1914.  After the death of Mr. Payne in 1918, he entered into partnership with R.F. and W.A. McClure, which lasted until the death of R.F. McClure in 1942.


Shade also served as County School Superintendent for a period of sixteen (16) years and contributed much to the educational advancement of Dade County.  He was Assistant Solicitor General of the Cherokee Circuit during the years 1937, 38, 39 and 40.  A few years after the death of his wife in 1916, he married Miss Annie Dempsey of Polk County, Georgia, she being the first Home Demonstration Agent in Dade County.  She died in 1961.


Shade Hale was a man of positive character and strong convictions.  He as a loyal friend and an honorable foe; whose honesty and integrity was not questioned even by those with whom he was in most active opposition.  He gave unstintingly of his counsel, his efforts and means to help those who needed help.  Though Baptist in belief, he taught an adult class in the Trenton Methodist Church for several years during the latter part of his life, this being the Church where his children belonged.  (Used by permission HISTORY OF DADE COUNTY GEORGIA, Retired Senior Volunteer Program, 1981.)

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