Children and Grandchildren of Sally and Doss Castleberry: Bonnie married Glenn Hatfield; children: Lucille Price, James Hatfield, Sarah Delzell, Polly Crawford, Ann Moley, Barbara Holland and foster-son, Grover Long.


George married Bonnie Reeves; children Elizabeth Newton, Virginia Neal, James Calvin, Carlton, Martha Everette, Glenda West, Janet Bradford, and Larry Castleberry.


Lawrence married Lucy Reeves; children: Bill, Leroy, Glenn Thomas, Grace Shrader, Sarah Lou, Barbara Ann, and  Jean Stone.


Noah married Mildred James; children: Yvonne Adkins, Riley Terry, Brenda McMahan, and Sandra.


Gussie married Milton Jordan; one daughter Dorotha,


Martin married Edna Pryor; children: Martha McWilliams and Iris Mayberry.


Mike married Martha Pursell; children: Ann McMahan, Linda Parker, Betty Frazier, Johnny Pamela and Judity.


Marion married Floyd Blevins; children: James Floyd “Sonny,” Donna Sue Huckabee, Jerry, Kenneth and David.

Information given by Lloyd Blevins.(Used by permission HISTORY OF DADE COUNTY GEORGIA, Retired Senior Volunteer Program, 1981)

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