. Sitting left to right. FIRST ROW: Herbert McKaig, Walter Bradford, Jessie Bradford Neal, Maude Cox Bostrom & Fuller, Frank Massey, Claude Bradford, and Charlie Chambers – Teacher. SECOND ROW: Mattie Bradford Neal, Maude McKaig Frizzell, Ernest Massey, Ethel Moore Matthews, Lunsford Neal, Alford Moore, Pat Neal, Ken Neal, Jack Neal, Leon Moore, Arthur Moore. THIRD ROW: Harold Cox, Art Moore, Charley Grey, Bud Cox, Henry McKaig, John Cox, Vol Moore, Clara Neal, Zuda McKaig Barfield, Fannie Gray Moore, Katherine Driggs Moore, Virginia Neal McKaig, Bessie Neal. FORTH ROW: Drew McKaig, Wes Bradford, Prince Albert McKaig, Minnie Moore McKaig, Hester Bradford Neal, Josie Moore Kendricks, Maggie Echols Moore, Minnie Cox Moore, Roy Moore (baby), and Jim Moore. FIFTH ROW: Pearl Massey (baby), Mabel Moore Massey, Ettie Moore Bradford, Eunice Winne Moore Gray, Nancy Warren Bradford, Annie Cox Jenkins, Clark Gray. TOP ROW: Kittie Chambers, Burt Moore, Eunice Moore Gray, Walter Gray

  1. Art

    Second row from the bottom, second from the left, next to the girl in the checked dress, the little girl with her fingers in her mouth: that’s my grandmother, Maude McKaig Frizzell. She married Frank Frizzell and lived at the foot of Signal Mountain. They had two girls and three boys.

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