Sarah Martha Suzana (Anna) Anderson (1871-1951), daughter of Henry and Sarah House Anderson (1846-1887), was married to Randolph Daniel (1866-1927), son of William Henry (1833-?) and Suzie? Daniel (?), by Preacher Sims on July 7, 1887, in Trenton, Georgia.

They were a very prolific couple having 13 children: 1) Ganes Oscar (1888-1953); 2) Willis Russell (1891-1960; 3) Walter Reece (1892-1968; 4) Henry Ellsworth (1894-1950); 5) Luther (1896-1907); 6) Archie Brock (1898-1992); 7) Omer Nathan (1901-1978); 8) Bertha Ethel (1903-1992); 9) Allie Loy (1905- ); 10) Myrtle Essie (1907-1920); 11) Orbie David (1909 – ); 12) Effie Inez (1911 – ); and 13) Boyce Seldon (1913-1994).

Little is known about Randolph’s work during these years. It is known that Randolph was a prison guard at Cole City, Georgia, in 1898.

Anna and Randolph moved between babies, Allie and Bertha, probably in 1904, to Malta, Bowie County, Texas to join members of Anna’s family. Her father, Henry Anderson, his second wife, Adline Strawlings-Anderson (1855-1935); and their children, 1) Buford (1893-189?); and 2) Claude (1895-1913) had migrated to Texas a year or so earlier. Children from Henry’s first family: Abraham Madison (b. 1869 – d. 1943); Mary Minnie Rogers (1876-1951); Samuel Theodore (1880-1868); Edward Cornelius (1882-1%1); Arthur Hendrix (1885-1959); and Maude Maybelle Numan (1887-1971); also migrated to Texas around the same time. Several of Henry Andersen’s children chose to remain in Dade County: William Walker (1868-1908); Malissa Rosa (Mrs. Bud) White (1873-1902); and Eliza Emma (Mrs. Tobe) Kirkpatrick (1874-1909).

Apparently, Randolph’s family remained in the Trenton/Sand Mountain Area. Information is sketchy because all of the children old enough to remember family stories are deceased and records were lost in a fire that destroyed the family home. Georgia records indicate that his great-grandparents were Asa Daniel (1803-1868) and Katharine? (1805-?). His father was William Henry Daniel (1833?-?). Randolph’s siblings were William (1874-1929); Asa Daniel (?); Nathan Daniel (?); Florence (? ); Ida (? ); and Leroy Daniel (?).

Our father, Archie Brock Daniel, remembers his parents moving their growing family to East Texas when he was about six years old. He told of riding the train from Chattanooga; how the train was loaded onto a barge to cross the Mississippi River; unloaded to the tracks to resume their journey; and of arriving at the station in Malta, Texas. He, his mother and the seven other children waited at the station while his dad walked several miles to his grandfather’s farm. He remembered how jubilant his mother was to see the team and wagon coming to pick them up.

Randolph rented and worked a farm in Malta for a year or so. With the help of his growing sons, he was able to prosper and soon purchased his own farm near Anna’s family. Anna was busy having babies, caring for the younger children, and cooking and cleaning for her husband and the older sons. Within several years, Randolph had sold the farm and purchased another property north of DeKalb, Texas where he raised cotton, corn and peanuts. During the winters, he and his sons ran a sawmill and contracted to clear land.

When the older sons were married, they were given parcels of land for their “work investment” in the family endeavors. A small house on the farm, called the “weaning house”, allowed newly married couples a place to live until a home could be built. Other family members purchased land and settled in the same area.

In 1927, while Randolph and his older sons were splitting ties, Randolph was struck by an axe and bled to death within hours. His dying request was that the children take care of their Mother. Strong, feisty, and adaptable, Anna was able to run the farm with some help from her sons. She lived a long and fruitful life, dying on the family farm in 1951.

Anna and Randolph’s story is not a remarkable story. It is about two people with Christian values, ethics and a dream, who worked hard and sought a better life for themselves and their children.

Contributed by granddaughters, Patricia Warner and Sandra Daniel,

A Daniel’s Search for Roots


Archie Brock Daniel, according to a 1942 birth certificate, was born in Coal City, Dade County, Georgia, on August 30, 1898. He died in DeKalb, Bowie County, Texas on April 15, 1992. His parents, Randolph and Anna (Anderson) Daniel, moved to Texas when he was about six years old.

I was bitten by the history bug when I was in 7th grade and bugged my father for information. Daddy seemed to have little knowledge or interest in his family history. In later years he would try to indulge my interest but his memory was cloudy. My aunts and uncles were no help either so I thought that investigation of the Daniel line was at an end.

In 1992 my sister, brother and I had reason to be in Georgia so we planned several days in the Trenton area. I wrote a letter which ran in the Dade Sentinel hoping to learn more about my paternal grandmother’s family. I hoped to be able to speak with descendants of Malissa Rosa Anderson (Mrs. Bud) White (1873-1902), Eliza Emma Anderson (Mrs. Tobe) Kirkpatrick (1874-1909), and/or William Walker Anderson. These adult children of Henry Anderson and siblings of Anna Anderson Daniel chose not to immigrate to Texas around 1900. Contact had been lost and we hoped to get information enabling us to do further research; we had reached a dead end in the Anderson line as well.

July 27th, 28th and 29th 1992, were somewhat magic for us! We visited places like Chickamauga and Point Park but Trenton was the most exhilarating for us.

We visited the county court house where we found records that are priceless to us. A faded marriage license, a roster of Confederate soldiers, probate records excited us.

Mr. Paul Robbins, who had responded to my letter, escorted us to what remains of Cole City on Sand Mountain. It was awesome to think that this was where Daddy had been born 94 years before.

Mrs. Una Bell Stone had responded to my letter to the newspaper and through her I was able to make some family connections. She explained that she was cousin to my father’s cousins: Robert Daniel, Pauline Bradford, Ethel Daniel, Mary Lois Huckabee, and Carrie Me Bryar. Through this gracious lady we met Robert Daniel, Ethel Daniel, and Sonny Daniel. Robert Daniel and Ethel Daniel spent time with us sharing stories about their families.

Sonny Daniel shared his family history and gave us a grand tour of the cemet4ries, Sand Mountain and general area. We were able to visit the grave of our great-grandfather, William Henry Daniel (1833- ), when just one week before we had no idea what his name was! We also learned that William Henry’s father was named Asa (1803-1868) and his mother was Katherine Long Daniel (1805-?). That means that we had uncovered two generations of Daniels.

Well, when a crumb of information about genealogy is reason enough for celebration, you can imagine how thrilled I was to have learned so much. I am not finished with the search and every tidbit provides a new approach. Thank you Dade County for your hospitality!

Submitted by Sandra Circle El Paso, TX 79925

Sandy Daniel, El Paso, TX and Sonny Daniel, Trenton in Daniel Cemetery

Sandy Daniel, El Paso, TX and Sonny Daniel, Trenton in Daniel Cemetery

Anna Anderson Daniel, Dec 1946, with children Willis, Walter, Oscar, Allie, Archie, Effie, Boyce, Bertha, Orbie and granddaughter Sandra in Front.

Anna Anderson Daniel, Dec 1946, with children Willis, Walter, Oscar, Allie, Archie, Effie, Boyce, Bertha, Orbie and granddaughter Sandra in Front.

  1. Sandra Daniel

    I am the person who submitted these stories (not Sandra Circle). I was anxious to acquire the Dade history for my aunt and had prepurchased one.

    During the ensuing years we lost our aunts, uncles and a brother. I retired and moved to NM but am still trying to learn my history. So far I can trace through Archie Daniel, Randolph Daniel, William Henry Daniel, Asa Daniel, to William Thomas Daniel.

    Would it be possible for me to get my family picture back? It is special because it is my only picture with my grandmother.

    Thank you.

  2. earleene gass prevatt

    I am from the daniel line too, my grandmother is ida millie daniel,daughter of william henry daniel & sarah moore davis daniel, ida married cicero anderson gass,son of josiah alvin gass & sarah catherine tinker. would appreciate any info or pictures of this family earleene

  3. could you please tell me a bout william jeremiah daniel my grand father is miligan chester daniel. james 1850 1915 benjamin 1824 1850 asa Danie 1803 1868 katherine long w m Jeremiah 1780 1850 .i have al documents on the Daniel .ex cept for Asa mother and dad .if u could that would be great . thank u for your time. mary

  4. verenicehawkins

    Sandra Circle, El Paso, Texas 79925 or Sonny Daniel, Trenton, Ga. phone 706 657 4604 might be able to help you.

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