Elias Craig, born between 1827 and 1829 (the 1850 census of Dade County Georgia states that Elias was 23; his tombstone reads year of birth 1929) in Alabama, married Mahala Cartwright in Dade County on 4 March 1851. Mahala, the daughter of William M. Cartwright and Elizabeth Kirby, was born in August of 1834 in Smith County Tennessee.

The parents of Elias were James and Anna (—) Craig. His known siblings were Peggy, Eli, Isaac and Nancy.

Elias fought in The War Between The States in Co. L., 7th Cavalry, Regiment of Alabama Volunteer.

Elias and Mahala were the parents of the following children:

1.   Martha Jane, born ca 1853, Dade County; married Thomas Benton Wheeler on 24 August 1871, Dade County.

2.   William L, born ca 1856, Dade County

3.   Nancy A., born ca 1858, Dade County

4.   Sarah E., born May 1860, DeKalb County Alabama

5.   Isaac, born ca 1862, DeKalb County; married Mary Elizabeth Wilkinson on 6 September 1887, Dade County.

6.   William, born January 1863, Dade County.

Elias died 22 August 1863 and is buried in Brown Gap Cemetery (Dade County). His brother, Eli (22 September 1824-3 January 1891), and son, Isaac (died 18 August 1893 at the age of 30), is also buried in Brown Gap along with other family members including parents, James and Anna.

James’ tombstone read: 1810 – 6 July 1900; Anna’s tombstone reads: Annie Craig, 1804 – 20 January 1886.

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