Kamille Eugena Pennington Crowley


Carrie Rachel Pennington and half-sister Kamille Pennington Crowley about 1985

Kamille , the only child of Kenneth Eugene Pennington and Karen Elizabeth Barber Pennington, was born April 16, 1964 at Ft. Campbell, KY while Kenneth was stationed in the U S Army there. Kamille’s grandparents are Hershel and Evelyn Pennington. Kamille’s grandmother Pauline Taylor Barber was from Col1insvi1le, AL.

Her grandfather Carl Barber was killed in an auto accident before Mrs. Barber came to Dade County. Kamille’s mother Karen had one brother, also named Carl. Carl was killed in an auto accident occurring on his graduation night. Mrs. Barber had become concerned due to the late hour and Carl had not returned home after celebrating graduation. She telephoned a friend to ask her help in locating Carl. Mrs. Barber and friends were almost a witness to the accident that took Carl’s life. His car had struck a tractor trailer carrying a load of steel pipes. The accident had taken place only minutes before their arrival on the scene.

Kamille’s parents returned to Dade County to live after Kenneth’s tour with the Army. Not long after returning they divorced and Kamille’s grandmother Pauline took care of her much of the time. Pauline taught the second grade at Dade Elementary and lived next door to the Dade County Health Department.

Her mother Karen’s second marriage was to Ted Crowley, administrator for one of the hospitals in Chattanooga. Not long after the marriage Ted and Karen relocated to Farmingdale NM. While in Farmingdale they had one child named Taylor, a son, being named after Karen’s mother. About 1974 they approached Kenneth about Ted adopting Kamille. Ted had a wonderful job and could offer Kamille the opportunity for financial security. The adoption was granted, with the only change in the relationship with her father being her name was now Kamille Eugena Pennington Crowley.

Kamille continued to visit her father and grandparents here in Dade County, often spending entire summers here. Ted accepted a new position with a hospital in Hattiesburg MS. and the family moved there. Kamille attended high school there. She met and later married Kenneth Crawley in about 1984. This marriage was later annulled.


Kamille has spent several years living near Cleveland TN. working on the Ocoee River. She and a friend hiked more than half the Appalachian Trail in 1990. She now lives in Sand Point ID working as a waitress.


Submitted by Virginia Pennington Scruggs Rising Fawn GA

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