I saw Clinton Price and Roy Jr. Street when they were very small boys. They were young enough that they wanted to be free to run toward the woods, where Aunt Lucy was really afraid for them to go. They were always in a big city, so the country was something else for them to wonder about and explore.

C.P. is the only living member of Uncle Roy and Aunt Lucy’s family. He is a very wonderful person – compassionate, intelligent, and caring person. He is a doctor and has plans for a book.

When he was a teenager in high school, Queens in Phoenix (5,000) students he was president of the student government.

C.P. brought Uncle Roy to South Carolina to help celebrate Aunt Metta McCauley’s 91st birthday. She lived with Virginia at that time. Words cannot meet C.P.’s personality. (Submitted by Lola Moore Kyte, Kingston, TN 37763.)

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