William Lee Allison, father of Hugh Lawson White Allison, was born in 1775. He died at Trenton, Dade Co., GA on February 6, 1852.

His wife, Catherine (last name unknown), was born in the year of 1780 and died at Trenton on February 20, 1853. Both William Lee and Catherine are buried in Byrd’s Chapel Cemetery.

Hugh Lawson White Allison was born May 20, 1822 in Bedford Co., TN and died in Dade Co., GA on June 7, 1884 at the age of 62. His wife was Mary Ann Ramsey who was born November 16, 1 832 and died March 19, 1901 near Rising Fawn at the age of 69. Her mother was Sidney Buckner who died October 11, 1901.

Hugh Lawson White Allison and Mary Ann Ramsey were married July 11, 1848 in Marion Co., TN. Their children (all born in Dade County) are as follows:

William Lee Allison, born July 7, 1849; married Mary E. Norwood on October 16, 1873 in Jackson Co., AL. William Lee died August 3, 1919 and is buried in Hanna Cemetery in Rising Fawn.

Eliza Jane Allison, born Oct 11, 1851, married Dr. Enoch B. Ketcherside on September 3, 1868. They later moved to Arizona and are buried in Yuma.

Nancy Arlimency Allison, born November 29, 1853; married John A. Cureton on June 10, 1875; died in 1905 and is buried in Baptist Cemetery in Trenton.

John Simon Allison, born May 25, 1856; married Nanie V. Wise on September 18, 1879 by H. D. Stephens in Dade County. John died November 13, 1903.

Sarah Elizabeth Allison, born April 2, 1858; married E. J. Holleman on July 4, 1889 by the Rev. J. W. Carnes in Rising Fawn. She died in 1934 and is buried in Baptist Cemetery.

Hugh Kelson Allison was born March 24, 1860; married Laura E. Smith on June 3, 1880. He died May 31, 1933. Laura was born May 27, 1864 and died October 16, 1943. Both are buried in Hanna Cemetery.

James Rendelman Allison, born July 6, 1863; married Mamie H. Pittman on May 21, 1889 by the Rev. J. H. Harwell in Rising Fawn. James died February 2, 1901. Mamie was born July 22, 1863 and died June 26, 1950. Both are buried in Hanna Cemetery.

Michael (Mike) Morrison Allison was born July 10, 1865 and married Gussie Downing on July 15, 1896.

Ephraim Madison Allison (my father) was born October 2, 1867 and married Allie M. Willis on February 28, 1895. The Rev. T. F. Threadgill officiated. E. M. (Mat) died in 1939 and Allie, who was born in 1872, died in 1953. Both are buried in Hanna Cemetery.

Mary (Mollie) Rebecca Allison was born April 15, 1870. She was married by Father Clifford to Mike J. Fahey on May 23, 1893. Mollie died May 20, 1926. (Submitted by Eleanor A. Woodall; 503 B. Cross Creek Rd., Knoxville, TN 37923-2914.)

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