The Tittle-Martin reunion that combined the descendants of William and Mary Ann Tittle with those of Tavner and Cynthia Martin, began in 1981 by Terrell Curtis and Sarah Parker. It was a last minute endeavor when Terrell learned he was to be transferred in his job from the local area.


William and Mary Ann’s sons, John and Peter, married Tavner and Cynthia’s daughter Mary Ann and Sarah.  Their descendants are the ones who started the reunion. We have since expanded to include brothers and sisters of several generations of the family. Our family comes from many parts of this country including Washington state, Florida, New York, California, Texas and most states in between.


We have kept our reunion in Dade County because that is where our roots are. Most of these families lived in the north end of the county when it was being settled. Many of the pioneers are buried in the local cemeteries. Some of them played prominent roles in helping to form this county.


We have met in several places throughout the county. The first reunion was at Cloudland Canyon. We have also met at the Wildwood Community Center, North Dade School, Dade Historical Society and Slygo Baptist Church.


Several years ago we expanded our reunion to two days to give people more time to share research information and still have time to visit and get to know everyone.Every year we have had new people to join us. Several of our family now keep in touch via the internet.  It certainly opens new areas of information to share and people to meet..


We always meet on the second Saturday of July each year and the Friday before that.  (Submitted by Janie Mahan)

  1. J. Nell BECK Truitt

    Here in 2013, I am the family hisotrian of the William Jefferson Tittle/Mary Ann “Polly” Adams family of Virginia to Warren County, TN to Dade County, GA. Their son, David F. Tittle (1817-1880) married Miss Margaret Nabors in Dade County about 1844. Their son, Thomas Jefferson “Jeff” Tittle, at age 42, married Miss Martha Minerva Beavers in Chattanooga area (Lookout Valley/Wauhatchie) Lookout Privitive Baptist Church, Brown Ferry Road, 15 Mar 1899.IN 1905 they took the train across the Mississippi with all their possessions, mules, wagons, cow, 4 children, and went to Sunset, Wise co., TX where Minerva’s mother, Prudence Elizabeth Pennington Beavers, was ill with cancer. After her death and burial in Union Hill Cemetery, Alvord, TX, Jeff and Minerva took their family to Wilbarger Co., TX where the last of the 8 children were born, then bought land and retired in Wills Point, TX where they are buried in Union Grove Cemetery. Some of their children and spouses are also buried there. Nell –

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